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22 mute encounters behind a shop window / by Antje Dudek 

Everyone is invited to join me for a game. The invitation outside the gallery window reads: “Choose an action & rip off the ticket. Join me (alone). Hand me the ticket. Do not speak. Let the performance begin.”

22 encounters, 22 living images are staged in the tiny illuminated room, fully visible through the window panes. Every ticket has a different name, such as Coco Loco, Where I End and You Begin or Fantasia II, and leads to a different poetic score handed to the participant.

>>> sample scores >>>

BOXCOUNT22_fürs Web_scores Eng

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P.A.S. #44, Performance Art Studies with BBB Johannes Deimling

:::starting for an adventure:::

seite.30 is traveling to Poznan, Poland, for an intensive workshop with performance artist and educator, BBB Johannes Deimling. We are looking forward to this unique possibility to work, live, perform together for five consecutive days, and especially to Johannes’ ideas and his program.

PAS #44

A public performance is planned for Sunday, December 13, in Poznan-based Galeria Raczej. Details to follow…

Galeria Raczej