black market


Am 14.08.14 arbeiten 7 Performerinnen der Gruppe seite.30 über die Dauer von 24 Stunden zum Prinzip Black Market. Zum Verweilen und Miterleben laden herzlich ein:

Lisa-Marie Richter
Marie-Luise Lange
Luisa Franke
Annelie Möller
Eva Wohlfarth
Mandy Schwarz                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Antje Dudek

“The performances of BMI are exercises in derision and concentration, sacralisation and effacement. The performers try to take life seriously yet demonstrating that is worth very little, that it is held by a gesture, that is played in a moment. It is hard to describe that gesture, to say what it should look like, yet we recognize it as soon as we see it. We are familiar with metaphysics more that we want to admit and that is why we can recognize the fundamental moments of existence without even knowing what it’s about – in an epoch where the acceptance of performance as an artistic practice is not yet in the dictionaries. That is the work of BMI: create fundamental moments. And it is our job to find out why and how.”

Michael LaChance über Black Market International: 15 principles of Black Market International: